What is a Resin Bound surface?

A Resin Bound surface is formed by mixing a choice of coloured aggregates together with a specialist resin. It is then hand trowelled to give a smooth flat surface.

What Pipework and depth of pipes are laid herein?

The Pipework used is a PEX pipe and laid around 15-20mm under the resin surface.

What Renewable Heat Sources can be used?

All Renewable Heat Sources can be used, such as Heat Pumps, Solar Panels, Biomass Etc.

Will this supply all my hot water?

No, this system will depend on how much sun is on the surface, it will pre-heat water in the same way as a solar panel.

Can this be used on steps and slopes?

Yes, the idea of this is to create a smooth, non-slip surface all year round wherever this surface is applied.

Where can ECOHEAT be used?

On any external surface. Excellent for public areas such as hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, train stations and platforms, schools and residential houses create a safe non slip surface and combines green energy as well.

How long will this system last?

Life expectancy on this system is 25 years.

Is there a warranty on the system?

There is a 20 year warranty on the resin bound and a standard warranty on the heat pump.

Are Resin Bound surfaces durable?

Yes, a mixture of aggregates and resin, which is permeable providing a tough, durable surface that can last for decades.

Can I have an ECOHEAT system designed specifically for my needs?

Yes. Our specialist will arrange a site visit, discuss your requirements and design a bespoke system for you